Gold investment as a solution

After a period of 5000 years gold and silver are the only assets that do not fail. Since they are material assets of inherent value, their value never goes down to zero.

Gold and silver are financial assets that can be totally private, that may not be part of a financial system. Even real estate needs a financial system to be transferred. Precious metals belong among the few financial assets that are not simultaneously a liability for any other entity. Stocks, bonds, and derivatives such as futures and ETFs require the performance of the government issuing them to have value. If the government fails, the currency also fails. An investment in gold and silver never fails.

It is possible for gold and silver to be entirely your property. For example, real estate is never fully under ownership. If you think so, just try not paying property taxes for a few years.

Gold and silver investments have high “density values.” This means that, unlike copper or oil, just a very small amount carries significant purchasing power.

Investment gold and silver is money that cannot be randomly reproduced or copied.

In accordance with Act No. 235/2004 Coll. throughout the EU, a gold investment is exempt from VAT.

10 years of gold development

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